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age 5+

Fun, unthreatening slapstick

This had my sensitive five year old worried here and there but not hiding behind his hands for once. The stakes are relatively low - no one is put in any danger, the sad parts are fleeting and all the action is very cartoony. The movie had us all giggling and although some of the gender stereotypes are very outdated, the female characters are still strong and well realised.
age 5+
age 5+

fun and exciting, with a little lesson

There's plenty of action to insure that everyone will be not only interested, but excited. Herbie is one amazing car! This car clearly knows good from evil. It helps the good and hurts the evil. For example, Herbie is nice to Mrs. Steinmetz and her niece Nicole, but, initially, not to Willoughby. As soon as Willoughby falls for Nicole and changes his ways, Herbie is nice to him. And this romance, contrary to being unnecessary, is actually an important part in the plot, as it is then that Willoughby changes and goes against his uncle's evil ways, proving that people can and do change. The most exciting part is when all the other Volkswagens follow Herbie and corner Willoughby's uncle Alonzo. Good triumphs over evil. And greed is evil!