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I Heart Huckabees

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age 16+

Existential questions served with humor

My 17-year-old and I really enjoyed this film. It raises the most profound life questions that all adults ultimately grapple with, but with humor and insight. Great plot, great acting, very entertaining.

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Great messages
age 14+

Hucabees: The everything movie

It takes a certain person to like this movie. First off you have to have a high tollerance to vulgar words(ie: c**k) and you have to understand the message. Also, if you want to watch it with kids DON"T! Other than the swears theres a sex scene between two characters. It's actually a funny, deep, and quirky movie when you get right down to it. See it but with an older child, a significant other, a friend or alone.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Great messages
age 12+

A must see for anyone who likes to enhance their mind and outlook on life

Brilliant movie full of existentialist themes and yet it does not bore you but makes you laugh time and time again. I felt lightheaded after watching it and had the urge to clap which I did to my own enjoyment.