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I've only made it quarter way through because I don't understand why a donkeys giant penis is mentioned randomly to the kids and then shown to them. Also why does the daughter have to be bought into the scene where dad is masterbating even though I know little girl isn't really a witness to it , it just anit right. And then all the talk about strippers wanking etc etc at primary school. And we just think this is ok and normal and don't see past what hollywood is trying to really do here.
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age 18+

Skip it!!!

Movie had strip club scenes, lots of masturbation references (repeatedly asking somebody where they masturbate, close ups of tissues and lotion, etc), 'donkey show' photos, Mark Wahlberg's naked butt, etc. Not just cuss words, but crass references to t*tties, p*ssy, etc. Overall just a terrible movie. Funny that Netflix won't let you rate Netflix-produced movies.... : /
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age 13+


This is appropriate for a 13 year old mild language but nothing severe very funny would recommend
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age 12+
It’s a good movie a bit sexy but nothing horrible so my kids were fine but it depends on the kid

This title has:

Too much sex
age 11+


Very funny film watched with my family my 12 year old son and 14 year old daughter would 100% recommend but don’t watch if under 12
age 12+


Watched this with my wife and 11 year old mild swearing and a bit of violence some sex reference too but this is appropriate for 12+