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Violent anime movie

my children love it. It is really good and if your kid can handle marvel this is a bit more appropriate

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Great messages
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Too much violence
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age 10+

My hero academia

My son Joshua watched this but I suggest if you are ten you should avoid series 2.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 12+

2.5 stars

When I saw the movie in theatres people were ooh-ahhing and clapped at the end but I just kinda felt bored. The whole movie felt uninspiring and very forced. I really wish they had explored Deku running from the law better. Like they could have set it up that he was intentionally framed for murder and that he was found over someone's dead body with blood on his hands (from when he undoubtedly tried to save said cadaver). But NOPE, the setup was very weak, and never felt like an actual dilemma since all his friends still believed in him unwaveringly. I would have liked to have seen them doubt him, and Deku question things and maybe see that not everyone in jail is a criminal and that some people are wrongly convicted or are forced into situations beyond their control it would certainly help him relate to the movie protagonist. Instead, Deku was just a poor stereotype of his own character. He's a smart kid but they really downplayed his intelligence making him immediately believe in the movie protagonist rather than rationalize and piece together how suspicious his actions were. They up-played his "natural born hero" persona making him spout nonsense to help movie protoganist with artificial character growth. It was all very forced, like the people who wrote the movie didn't know or understand Deku's character very well and just saw his personality/beliefs as a means to an end. I know it's non-cannon but the second movie showed more character growth and depth, they felt more like their actual characters rather than shitty forced stereotypes of themselves. So yah in my opinion this movie isn't worth the hype, and if your gonna watch it don't bother going to the theatres to see it, just wait till it's out online streaming for free somewhere.