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Never Cry Wolf

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Correct. All ages.

Not much to say here. This movie literally generated my life. Go ahead.

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Great messages
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This movie reminds me of home

This film is really good. I remember when Tyler falls through the ice and into the water. After that, he strips naked so he can dry his clothes off and warm up to avoid catching hypothermia. I remember seeing his bare buttocks in some scenes, but I don't remember seeing his crotch when he jumps off the cliff. When Tyler lands, his pilot says to him "Beats the hell out of me." Even though, this is a PG movie, the MPAA assumes that the movie's content, there's a pretty fair bit for a PG. I'll never forget when I saw a pipe in Tyler's mouth and when he drank moose juice to help with his acrophobia. If you love movies about wolves or if you're a teacher and want to teach kids about wolves or how people struggle in the wild, this is the choice of movie for kids to learn about wolves. The setting of this movie reminds me of my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska.

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Too much violence
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking