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Never Let Me Go

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age 16+

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age 16+

Sad and beautiful film about life, love, and death - thought provoking!

Beautifully shot and believably acted by the three principles. This is certainly not a family film or film you watch to "enjoy." It's cathartic and deals with death, the meaning of life, the importance of living no matter how short your life might be. I'd say there is little here to worry about being offended by (some mild sex stuff) but 16+ for the sake of the subject matter which is heavy in implication. Be prepared to have a sit-down with your kids or class afterwards to talk about their take. Worth watching!
age 16+

Disturbing movie

Very sad and disturbing movie. Kids raised solely for the purpose of organ donation. Adults care very little about them. Messages are not positive.

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Too much sex