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No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You: Alien invasion.
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This movie is goofy as hell

I laughed real hard watching this movie. Yall don't have to agree with my thoughts and plus there are a lot of spoilers. So get ready: ------ 👏This👏is👏not👏a👏horror👏film. Also, don't expect there to be any dialogue. The main character, Brynn managed to not speak throughout the entire movie, which is really surprising. The beginning of this movie starts off as an "ok" movie. This girl, Brynn lived a completely isolated and alienated life. This girl has a problem with socializing with people. She lost her mom, and her childhood friend (the movie later tells us that she got into a fight with her friend, threw a rock on her friend's head and she died. Yes, she killed her friend). Anyway, here goes the only best part of the movie because after that best part of the movie, everything goes downhill and is no longer "unseeable". An intruder broke into her house and Brynn tried to survive + hide. This creature knows telekinesis and I was like: "Damn, she's done. She can't have anyone to help her. That's why this film is called No One Will Save You." I think she grabbed a sharp utensil with her. Then, the creature grabbed her with its power. I was actually really scared of this part, and I actually screamed. Btw this thing that trespassed and skimmish around her house is an alien. And then once she's in this in the alien grasp: 👽. Yes, that's when I started laughing my a** off. The alien literally looks like some stereotypical ufos. The aliens literally look like this emoji, not joking => 👽. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Like, they can't really think of a good design. Literally, I thought it was some skeletal horror creature. Some alien-51 alien, probably used some costume to make this movie. They probably tried to hide the alien's face in the beginning just for that reason. After seeing this part, this movie is no longer scary. Goofy-funny alien humanoid. So anyway, Brynn stabbed the alien with the knife or smth. And the alien dies. 👏👏👏 So my one-star review is not because of that goofy alien. It's the movie as a whole. So then in the morning, we found out that the aliens controlled some people (with their own alien bugs). She went to a police station, spitted by her friend's mom. She said nothing about it and walked out of the police station. Alright, what's next? The next night she was terrorized by some dancing aliens (they were probably cops since she killed the alien last night). And it's not scary at all. It's just some dumb aliens (and I'm telling you they are literally dumb) trying to attack her. And she killed 3 aliens in the movie. This girl is savage, and this entire time I heard her breathing+panting for her life. We have this stupid giraffe-alien or maybe a spider crab alien who fell down the roof, howled like a werewolf, and burned alive in the car. After watching this scene I started praying for the aliens. But I mean like these aliens are just dumb as hell and easy to kill. How on the hell is their technology so advanced that we have one of them falling from the roof? Forgot to mention to scene when she used hot water she prepared to burn the other alien. Funny as hell. Like I swear, putting humans on their planet could literally wipe out the entire population. Also, Brynn didn't have any guns with her. She stabbed two aliens (with a sharp utensil and a mop) and burned one of them alive. She could have punched their skinny malnourished body. Let's jump like 20-30ish minutes (don't remember. doesnt matter). She's abducted in the movie and successfully captured in the saucer. I'm telling yall, this movie embraced all the UFO stereotypes and it's extremely funny. I watched all alien movies, and not even a single one of them was like: oh some big head aliens lookin like an alien emoji that does awkward dances, and a flying saucer. Later on, we find out that the aliens were not here to arrest Brynn, but rather to help her. So what's the whole point of all those chasing and attacking scenes? Brynn later can see the past of how she got into a fight with her friend and murdered her (unintentionally). Brynn comes to turn with forgiveness and moving on from the past. We hear the aliens talk blah blah blah. In the end, Brynn returns to Earth, and everything is in the control of aliens. Brynn has a wonderful life and starts dancing to the end. I mean like I kind of understand the message, but it could have been better lol. Forget about the movie poster, the images you see on Google (same old images), and the trailer. This movie lied to me. I just can't because I sat there for 93 minutes, wasting my time. The title only applies to the beginning of the movie. NOT THE REST OF THE MOVIE. However, on the bright side this movie could have been better (since it's really Brynn letting go of whatever is in the past and moving on with life). So this is all of my thoughts on the movie. If yall read this and be like, what's this negative horrible grammar writing it's fine. I was trying to get everything off my chest and write whatever was on my mind. If you want to watch this movie, go ahead. This movie is NOT SCARY for like 75% of the part. The second time you watch it, it's not going to be scary at all.
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age 11+

Fine for older kids i guess

To me it's like poltergiest.

This title has:

Great role models
Too much violence
age 9+

this is a pretty bad movie

meh, this movie doesn't deserve a watch, theres too much incoherencies and obvious fails in this movie.
age 12+

Good movie, just idea of aliens is scary

This was an ok to good movie. Not really scary, just the idea of aliens attacking could be scary. There is no talking ever, but unlike you would think, good movie! One scene of a girl killing another with a stone, and a little human blood later, but normally clean.
age 10+

Tense thriller has violence.

Most of the film's violence is towards aliens, who bleed grey blood. One alien is stabbed in the side of the head with a model schoolhouse, another is impaled by a broomstick, one is stabbed in the neck with a box cutter, and one is caught in a fiery explosion. A woman is stabbed with some broken debris, with blood being seen on said debris. She is also hit in the head by door, leaving a bloody wound on her forehead. In one scene she is scratched by an alien's claws, leaving bloody scratch marks on her back. There is no language, as the film has very little spoken dialogue. Younger viewers will most likely find the aliens to be quite disturbing in their appearance. Overall: 10+ for some strong violence, terror, and disturbing images.