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Picnic at Hanging Rock

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age 14+

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age 14+

Haunting and breathtaking

A film that draws you in and keeps you there from beginning to end. The story of suspense that keeps the audience hooked on a string compels one to continue watching...and watching and watching. The journey takes a lot of turns and it becomes apparent that their fates are all intertwined and that no one will come away unscathed. This film holds you tightly bound to the character's fates and there is no doubt that no one comes through unscathed. Brilliant vision by Weir.
age 13+

Eerie and otherwordly

Atmospheric story set in Australia during the late Victorian era. A suicide and some of the haunting hanging rock sequences make it inappropriate for young children. Any so called sexual undertones that some critics carry on about are well hidden and its more of a science fiction film about the meaning of time and reality.
age 14+

Brilliantly made the story to this day is thought to be a true story (complete fiction) but so believable. It has some sections that could be haunting to a younger child. I really enjoyed this book and movie by about age 14 i could really understand it.