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age 17+

WALL-E is an epic dancer!

The best moment was WALL-E dancing to Walker Hayes "Fancy Like".
age 17+

Simba is an epic singer!

The best moment was Simba's cover of Walker Hayes "Fancy Like".
age 15+


I loved Claire Danes character in that movie. i thought that there was way to much sex and nudity. i thought she feel in love with Steve Martians character who was way to old for her. And Jason Schwartzman character was ok who Claire Danes feel in love with, but he was just dorky. i thought the funniest part was when Jason Schwartzmans character grabs the mint rapper instend of a condom. The the funny part about that was when he asked her neighbor for one and then he tells her that he got it from the neighbor and when the cat jumps in the bed. Claire Danes (Mirabelle) is really very close friends with Jason Schwartzman (Jeremy) in real life. Very good Movie

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
not rated for age
I have my own appon.
not rated for age

1-10 is not allow to watch this. read a book insand.

it is bad for people ages1-10 it is bab to watch a ratedr move. shoping is a (R).
not rated for age


Very sexual..Not apropriate for young kids!
not rated for age

this movie caused me Physical Pain

This movie sucked. There was some great character development, but it was all off screen. Clare Danes did wonderfully with the tripe that Steve Martin threw at her, though his acting wasn't too bad either. Apparantly it's a book, so that might be a better choice. they talk about sex and there is some on screen, but no bodyparts. Again, Physical Pain!