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Silent Night?

How dare these blasphemers name this sick film using a Christmas hymn? I've walked out of only a couple of movies in my entire life, but am proud to say that I did not say seated and give my approval of this foul excuse for a film. I'm not defending my decision to buy a ticket (except to say that I was in Mexico and didn't understand their rating system, the synopsis, etc) which I should have. This was one of the most sickening, vile, offensive, and inappropriate things I have ever witnessed. The child actors (NOT making this up) took full part in the filthy language. I honestly don't believe there was one sentence by one actor that did not contain the f-word or another similiarly sick. Believe it or not, this foul mess seemed deliberately (and illogically) created to offend the viewer! There are no words yet invented that could describe my horor and my disgust for this hot mess. PLEASE DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON THIS MOVIE. PLEASE DO NOT PAY TO BE INSULTED. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT CHILD ABUSE BY ENCOURAGING THESE SICK FOLKS. And I am overjoyed to read that others here feel the same about this offensive, appalling, contemptible, depraved, despicable, sleazy, vulgar, repugnant, revolting mess. Otherwise, I think it was really good :)
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“Adult themes” would be an understatement

This title has:

Too much violence
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amazig dark comdey

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 18+

I really bad movie!

This movie is awful! I wish AMC+ would have handed out an "Exit Pill" for their subscribers. I would have gladly swallowed a suicide pill just to avoid watching it to the end. I decided to finish the movie, only because I wanted to see the cast suffer from the poison gas as much as I suffered from watching this disaster. This movie made no sense. Camille Davis should be banned from making any more movies, and that includes shooting a video with her cell phone. All that Camille Davis accomplished was to waste the talents of some great actors, especially Roman Griffin Davis. It’s going to take me years of psychiatric treatment to help me cope with the emotional trauma I suffered from watching this horrible movie. Seriously, this movie should be tossed in the trash!