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Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

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age 13+

Outstanding storytelling!

This movie is a fascinating insight into the origins and history of rap and the era where it emerges. The movie made Sundance in 2012. Ice-T made it because all that he had to express wouldn't fit in a song. This is a great movie and great as a role model, IMO at least as inspiring for kids living in poverty in America as footballers inspire kids in slums in Brazil or Olympic runners inspire kids in Sub-Saharan Africa. Note that I'm Swedish-Portuguese so I don't veto movies based on the appearance of swearing and/or sex and/or drugs if they are coherent appearances in a meaningful context which is the case here. Though I certainly and enthusiastically veto any movie (or video game) that makes abundant use of guns and gore for entertainment sake, irrespective of its heart-numbing effects. I disagree with the 16+ rating. I would give it 13+. This is an important, genially framed and very well crafted socio-historic tale told from the attractive frame of "the art of rap", which is probably what validated its selection for Sundance.

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