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Literally the worst cartoon Disney movie I’ve seen. The plot was horrible, the father/son relationship content not for little kids. The boys character lacking as a whole, an unnecessary focus on his crush ( regardless of gender). Give me Brave, Encanto, not this garbage. My kids were bored. Disney is supposed to be fun. Whimsical. I’m over Disney.
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We liked that we had the option of 3D. We did not like the effects though. 3d was as my grandson said “boring.” He said Legos 3D was much better. Anyhow, granddaughter went on to say the plot was “unimaginative.” Overall, we could only give it two stars because it just didn’t make us want to stay. You know it’s bad when you’re grandkids are bored and ready to leave. Ugh.
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Kid and adults hated it

I took my 6 year old grandson to this bomb. He kept asking, "when will it be over?" "Is it over yet?", etc. As an adult I just as bored and irritated as he was. Even the kids in the audience couldn't sit still, and kept running out of the theater. It was AWFUL! I will NEVER go to another Disney movie! I'm angry that I went against my better judgement and trusted Disney to make a good kid's movie, when it was nothing but unwanted ideology.
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That’s a no for me.
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Awful. I have buyers remorse for paying theater prices to see this. Story was bad. The "crush" plot (plot is strong word here) was like an afterthought. It had no bearing on the movie. The was no real cohesiveness to the show. My teenagers were bored, my littles were restless. What a waste of time & money. Totally over Disney!!

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So Disappointing

No one loves Disney movies more than me. My younger one was beyond bored which is uncommon for her. Half way through the movie, my older child kept kept asking "is it almost over". The plot was boring and the graphics were not impressive at all. Obviously, these Disney characters will be on the clearance racks in the toy departments in no time at all.

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Too much consumerism
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Great movie for the entire family. Colorful and Fun!

I thought that it was really good! Nothing compared to Encanto but we thought that it was an enjoyable 90 minutes! All of my kids were engaged the entire time. Loved the vibrant colors and messages about family! Lots of diversity including one gay character and I am really glad that my oldest could finally see himself represented in a Disney movie!! There is a decent amount of violence and I probably wouldn't have taken my 4 year old to see it if I knew but he was fine. Overall a great time and a great family movie for thanksgiving!!

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
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Makes me question Disney now

Absolute flop for Disney. They tripped over themselves trying to be inclusive and to me, it seemed incredibly forced, like they were trying to check the boxes as fast as they could. We took a group of 9/10 year old boys and girls and very few of the kiddos liked it. Same with the parents. The parents were talking afterwards about the movie - trying to figure out who was this movie targeted to? Even as an adult I was scratching my head on some parts. That said, there were some creative ideas, and I thought the planet Earth parallels were good, but most of this was completely over the heads of our kiddos. Huge disappointment!
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Sexual themes that we aren’t comfortable with

This film was not for my family. As parents, my husband and I are not interested in entertaining our children with the sexual themes presented in this film.

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Too much sex
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Don’t take your kids go this movie

This title has:

Too much sex
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