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The Ant Bully

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One of my favorites.

I absolutely loved this movie! The ending is a bit over the top as far as ditching reality to be happy but hey, it's a kids movie after all. Great moral lessons and something I think a lot of today's kids don't have, a lesson on thinking about OTHERS! great character development and the voice acting is one of the best I have experienced! I would highly recommend this movie. I see it compared to "Ants" and "A Bugs Life" due to it involving ants but it is (other then the message of working together) a completely different movie. other then my initial thought at seeing the cover of the film, I did not once think of those other, very different movies. this film was unique in it's approach on modern day issues.

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
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age 8+

maybe for kids older than eight

It mentions private parts and shows bugs dying. It also show a bug that has his head cut off it might not be for small children
age 4+

Great lessons, plot and action all rolled into a movie!

This movie has bright animation and superb action sequences. The action sequences held my son's attention and kept him interested for the entire movie, which is hard to come by. There are lots of lessons within the movie. The boy, Lucas, who is picked on by his peers, then in turn picks on someone smaller than himself (the ants). Once Lucas becomes an ant he feels empathy for the creatures he once bullied. He also realizes that working as a team is more productive. Lucas begins to feel important and part of society. There are some parts which might frighten some young children. Lucas is in peril when he is shrunk because he is now lower on the food chain. But, he is also in peril as a human because he is small and the target of a bully. It allows great conversation on the topic of bullying.