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Not worth the time.

I thought that it was inappropriate that these highschoolers were drinking alcholic beverages in a restaurant and a bar. The fact that it was not addressed in the film that they must have had fake id cards, was confusing. I kept thinking, these kids are 18 aren't they? Or am I missing something???? It made it seem like it was o.k. for kids to be underage drinking. It's one thing for kids to be at a party, where kids might "get away with it" but drinking in the restaurant, and a parent also giving George the Bloody Mary in the morning to "cure" a hangover, sends mixed messages as well.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 14+


Hmm, this film wasn't too bad - definitely watchable, but not very exciting. Seemed emotionless, I didn't care too much for the characters, the story was pretty dull and lifeless most of the time. I guess it had me wanting more and didn't deliver. Freddie Highmore is usually an excellent actor but I found him to be a little boring in this - if you or your kids haven't seen August Rush...I highly recommend it over this one. Okay for teens 14 and up I think.
age 15+

More happening in one episode of Eastenders!

Rubbish went to see it because couldn't get in to see One Day. No storyline more happens in an episode of a soap ie Eastenders. Save your money!
age 16+

Just a depressing movie

This is a dark, depressing movie. And if you have seen many movies, you will feel like you have seen this one before. George is this presumably intelligent, lazy, lonely, depressed high school senior, who by chance becomes friends with one of the beautiful people. I found that even my the end of the movie I really didn't care about George or really anyone in the movie. The adults for the most part allow this student to manipulate them and the system. His parental units are for the most part useless or worse. Also, isn’t the drinking age in New York 21? Not only is there drinking at parties, but two 18 year olds seem to be able to get alcohol anytime they want. It is presumed that all teens drink, smoke, and participate in sexual activity. There is not even a hypocritical religious person in the movie to provide any hope. You get to see George vomit after drinking too much. I do not remember any actual nudity, but there are some crude comments and flashes of a girl in her underwear, as well as another crude situation that I really can’t explain.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 12+

The Art of Getting by

I think this movie is great and appropriate for kids 12 and over. I went to see it with my eleven year old daughter and it doesn't fill the bad descriptions that this website implies

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much consumerism