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Feel Free to Fall Under this Spell

Is Cassie Nightingale a witch or isn't she? No one in Middleton seems to know for sure. But what widower Jake Russell, his kids Brandon and Laurie, and other residents do know is that Cassie is a compassionate, charming woman. She helps Laurie conquer the nightmare monsters that have plagued her since Mom's death three years ago, and advises Brandon on how to deal with a school bully. Cassie does use "magic" objects to do this, such as a cool crystal Brandon can show the bully as an icebreaker, but they are never used in an occult fashion. If anything, Cassie's "magic" is showing people that they have what they need to solve their own problems. So if any parent is wary of witchcraft, they needn't fear Miss Nightingale. However, these same parents would do well to be cautious around Mrs. Tinsdale, a nosy lady who happens to be the mayor's wife and who makes life difficult for Cassie. Mrs. Tinsdale claims that because Cassie and her shop (a notions shop full of lotions, herbal remedies, and necklaces) are different, they are dangerous. She doesn't get outright aggressive, but her attitude is certainly condemning and makes traditional people look evil. She's a good point of discussion, especially among religious or traditional families. Other caveats are minor: the bully pushes Brandon around and threatens Laurie, and by the same token, he's threatened at home (before Jake, who's also the police chief, steps in). Cassie takes some flak for her quirky ways, including people avoiding her shop. Her home is said to be haunted, but there's no indication that's true. In general, it's doubtful Cassie is a witch, but whatever she's brewing, it's pretty good.

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