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age 9+

kind of okay

it has some scary parts in it. And it is kind of sad. It has some violence I don't approve of. there are guns in the movie and hunters. I like the sister because she is really sassy to the brother and really nice to the bear.

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Too much violence
age 7+

Engrossing and enjoyable

I watched this film with my two girls, 8 and 10. The eldest is sensitive about violence so I was expecting a few reactions but nothing. We thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was engrossing and original. The relationship between siblings is realistic and not unnecessarily aggressive. There is nothing shocking in this film, I would even say younger kids can watch it, no problems. Even if you like to wrap your kids in cotton wool, this film is harmless and enjoyable.
age 10+

Innappropriate content

I can't believe the higher reviews. I didn't think a kids show would not only have cursing, but violent tendencies from the brother. I read reviews before we watch shows. In this, the older brother curses within the 1st 10 minutes. Then he slaps his little sister across the face. I have 4 brothers and I understand teasing and aggravation. But they weren't allowed to hit me. There may be some huge Epiphany and lesson in this movie, but I'll have to finish it without my daughter to ensure there's nothing else I should be blocking her from. Too many other shows out there with Good messages without the issues I've listed.
age 6+

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Great messages
age 7+

lovely, lovely film

This is a fantastic film and I'm so glad we saw it. It's true, the commentary about the "rhythm" being different and it taking a while to get into it. It was reassuring for our kids to have my husband sit with them while watching it - the formula is so different than traditional kids movies that my kids (ages 10. 8. & 6) were definitely nervous, not knowing what to expect next. If you are looking for a great kids movie that is not formulaic (good guy, bad guy, beautiful girl, conflict then happy resolution), try this one.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 10+


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