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Plenty of double-entendres in heartfelt and silly 90's kids flick.
age 5+
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The little rascals kidnapped my children!

If you see this little rascals, GIVE THEM BACK!
age 5+

We got a dollar!

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 7+

Sexist, inappropriate, altogether cheesey

Very disappointing. There is basically no plot. The entire movie is sexist and inappropriate. A five year old girl and a nine year old boy kiss. Preschool aged girls are boy-crazy. A boy runs around in his underwear. Don’t bother with this movie.
age 18+

Not for kids

why do they make movies that are PG, but they should'nt be PG. this movie has sex, language drinking, and not for kids. its a disgusting horrible movie. the one before this is so better.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 4+

Bon*r jokes, oddly sexist movie is funny and great!

The jokes: Froggy (HE LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG MIKE MYERS, IN MY OPINION) says ''I whipped up my lizard'' and he takes a lizard, a bon*r joke. And the second one is when Alfalfa and Darla kiss for the first time, Alfalfa's hair has a spiky line, with a boing sound effect. Also, the movie's plot is that Alfalfa falls in love with Darla, and their friends are in a no woman club, and they're sexist. I haven't finished it YET, I'm by the end, and I love it! On my top 30 films. A scene involves name calling, and you can see TRUMP LIKE 17 YEARS BEFORE IDIOTICA! It's PG (OF COURSE I SEE IT NOT BEING G) and I say it's for kids, but I recommend parental guidance because of the jokes and mild insults like moron. Apart from that, for any ages 4 and up. ALSO, AJ FERGUSON LOOKS LIKE CYNDI LAUPER, ON MY OPINION.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 9+

Younger viewers may not understand some scenes.

The Little Rascals is a lovely comedy filled with romance and positive messages. The film follows a club called the "he-man-womun (actually spelt like that) haters club." The story is based on 6-year old Alfalfa, who betrays the number one rule of the club, "No falling in love with girls." Even though this is rated G, it has quite some violence. There's a scene where Alfalfa burns the club on fire. But that scene is mostly filled with comedy, A scene where Alfalfa faints, and Darla (his girlfriend) dumps him. Alfalfa has a nightmare, and in the nightmare he falls into the ocean, screaming. There are bully scenes but in a slapstick sort of way. In the race, 2 cars crash. Waldo sticks out spiky stuff out of his wheel and nearly kills Spanky and Alfalfa. The bullies (Butch and Woim) throw a dynamite stick onto Spanky and Alfalfa's racer. Alfalfa screams when a huge dog scares him. There are also sex scenes where Darla and Alfalfa kiss. Alfalfa scratches his finger up Darla's chin, which is considered innuendo. Darla calls Alfalfa, "Boy Toy" as in referring to Alfalfa. Some salty language comes with this movie as well, lots of name calling. LOTS OF IT! What the heck is also included.
age 4+

not even close to the orginal

i dont like it
age 8+

Very Sexist

Parents should know that THE LITTLE RASCALS is very sexist. There is also innuendo.

This title has:

Too much sex