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I loved this as a kid, but with MY kids... some cringe-worthy moments

I watched this movie a million times with my sister growing up, and was pretty psyched to watch it with my eight-year-old. While she loved it, and was totally astounded that Hayley Mills played both parts (I didn't tell her until after), there was some pretty yucky sexist stuff in this movie. Plus my kids are not used to seeing adults hit each other in the face or make jokes about such a thing. Most disappointing was how the dad told the daughter she wouldn't want to meet her mother because she wasn't pretty, and was fat. Ug. Awful.
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Great movie!

Seen it with my kids a few times.. and of course I know all the songs!
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The sexism is hard to deal with

This is a wonderfully entertaining film, except for the father's sexist ideas about what is valuable in a woman. Is it looks? Well, yes, but in the end, he learns that this is only part of the equation; there is also her cooking to consider. Nonetheless, I love the camp scenes. Hayley Mills is delightful. When a movie is good overall, but may be damaging to kids due to sexism (or anything else), I leave my star rating basically alone, but increase the age recommendation to one where kids would be more savvy and be able to put such a problem in context.
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a few uses of damn but that's it.

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This title has:

Great messages
Too much sex
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a terrific ride

For all you've said about this movie's dated notions of the roles of men and women, there's also one way in which this movie was ahead of its time in its view of the roles of men and women. That is, Susan camped with her father, which was rather unusual for girls at the time. Viewers get the idea that Susan was a tomboy while Sharon was a "traditional" girl. This movie was also brave to tackle the subject of divorce, as back then that was enough all by itself to cause controversy. While this movie definitely has exciting moments, it all builds gradually. Think of the pace as like a roller coaster that goes up gradually before the big dip, as opposed to one that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds like so many modern movies do. That's what makes this movie so good. And let's not forget the happy ending, where Sharon and Susan's parents get remarried to each other. Ideal. While that rarely happens in real life, I once had a neighbor who did just that- remarry her ex-husband. (I wonder if they were influenced by "The Parent Trap".)
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The original is the best!

We like this better than the remake! Very funny, cute and keeps everyone engaged!