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Inappropriate on so many levels

I didn’t know about this film until my six (6) year old daughter came home on the last day of school, before Winter Break, to tell me that she watched a movie about a snowman where she saw the rear of a boy and his chest. Obviously annoyed, because there was no mentioning of watching this movie to us parents in an email. We watched the movie and while many may say that it’s harmless, we raise our kids to let them know that no one needs to see their private parts. This movie was shown by a 1st Grade teacher four (4) days after a Body Safety class!!! So, let’s get into the fact that I love fantasy but this kid did everything his parents would not allow him to do when his parents were awake. The Snowman even had the kid doing things with his sleeping parents just feet away. Again, irreverent. No respect for authority and that’s what public schools are teaching. Disrespect parents and authority. What about families that do not believe in Santa Claus? There are so many other things happening that there isn’t enough time! The snowman dying in the end was the most twisted ending ever! We never read the book but this movie leaves little desire to do so. There was zero educational value! The only message was “do as you please!” Our modern society is crumbling because we refuse to respect boundaries. There should have been advance warning on this. Shameful is this movie.
age 3+

Gentle Beautiful Winter Adventure

I love the animation, the music, and magic of this movie.
age 6+

we’re walking in the air

the snowman not to be confused with the horror movie is definitely a classic the animation must have took the makers ages and the song walking in the air is so beautiful and so beautifully made it definitely a Christmas watch every year but as most people know the ending quite bitter
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Walk along

Not to be confused with Snowden or the Snowman thriller. Including the 1982 hit Walking in the Air. The ending is a downer.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
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The music is fabulous and the story is gentle. This is a fun film to compare to the book (which similarly has no words, just pictures).
age 2+

Lovely, gentle family film that is perfect Christmas viewing

We watch this film every Christmas and the kids love it. The music is wonderful. My son found the ending heartbreaking the first time he watched it (he was 2) and at 4 worried about the snowman and the boy melting at the end. I was puzzled, but when you watch it, you see that the boy kneels down in the snow, and then the screen goes white so to a child it does look like he melted too! For less sensitive kids I can't imagine there being any issues.
age 2+

Absolutely beautiful

The music is beautiful and the illustrations are calming. This is one movie that you can feel good about exposing your children to. The is no harm done to anyone, no bad language obviously, and no silly faces that your children will imitate. The only thing that you may hear repeated is the beautiful melody sung by your children. Our family shares this movie with other families every chance we get.