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Intense and Eye-Opening

This movie is very insightful and eye-opening to the world of anorexia. It was very raw, and I thought that it was very well done. It is quite a heavy topic, so be careful with young kids(for it could give them ideas), but for kids old enough to understand anorexia (especially those who have or know someone who has dealt with it), it is a must-see. Also, a few of the patients smoke, have tried to commit suicide, and swear.

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Great messages
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 7+
sounds good, i want to watch it.
age 11+

I love this documentry

I watched this movie when i was about 11 or 12. I watched it in secret because my mom might freak out about a documentry about such topic. I have been suffering from an Eating disorder since i was about 9 and even though i watched this and i saw all the bad things, i couldnt shake the disorder. I wanted to give each and every girl that i saw there a hug and tell them that they would be beautiful at any weight and they didnt need to be thin to be beautiful. however I cant listen to what i say, if someone told me the same thing i would be like okay thanks and then think in my mind that they dont know what i go through everday and that everytime i look in the mirror i see fat and i see areas that i need to "fix" and that everyday when i am near food i think "oh i can eat all that and just sneak away to get rid of it" or "Food is the enemy, its evil, its not good and it will just make me fat" I want to own this movie because i want to see that im not alone in the world, everyday i wake up i feel like i am alone and if i had this movie i can just remind myself that there is people just like me and they struggle and recovery is out there, you just need to work hard and you will get there.
not rated for age
I think teens should watch what they want to watch. from your friend Tanner.
not rated for age

i found it eye-opening

it's an interesting topic to look at especially with so many ppl who think you have to be thin to be beautiful. although it does have strong scenes i found it helpful to know that there are so many ppl suffering from this fatal disease... anorexia. =[