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age 15+

This title has:

Too much sex
age 15+


Good movie has Some Nudity. A females backside is shown 2 or 3 times and a Brief Shot of her Panties from a distance.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 17+

Sensitive Dog Lovers, Don't Watch This Movie :(

This movie has some very upsetting scenes and it's slow moving. The scenery is nice and the camels are too, but the rest (including the main character's annoying and spoiled personality) makes it not worth seeing. There is also nudity which isn't appropriate for children. I won't spoil the part about the dog, but I sure wish I had NOT gone to this movie and I got a replacement pass. Not recommended.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 12+

Gorgeous and powerfully-acted, if a little slow.

This may be too slow for some people, but even when Tracks strains your attention for a bit, it's still arresting to look at. This is an absolutely gorgeous, strongly-acted, and sometimes mesmerizing character study, if a little too long towards the end of the second act. Mia Wasikowska is amazing and the fact that she carries most of the film by herself makes it even better. She's nicely understated and makes her emotions recognizable, but doesn't ever come of as excessive, and it fits very well since her character's main desire is to get away from everyone. The script does a good job at allowing her inner thoughts to expose themselves without relying on the occasional narration which is especially surprising given the general lack of dialogue throughout. While the pace is solid through the first hour of the movie, it begins to trip up from then until the end of the second act. I understand that the intention was probably to create a sense of complete hopelessness and despair, but it didn't quite work and instead made me tap my feet in impatience. But again, the cinematography here is its saving grace. It's definitely worthy of an Oscar nomination. I highly doubt that I'd want to see this in theaters again, but between the lead performance and visuals, it deserves to be seen at least once on the big screen. 8.1/10, very good, one thumb up, above average, etc.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much swearing