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Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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Good for the whole family

I enjoyed this movie because while we are so divided as a nation right now this movie emphasized the importance of family. Saw this movie 9 years after it was released but the message is timeless. Just a light-hearted feel good movie. I was surprised how much i enjoyed it. Not interested in promoting an agenda. Just wish we were all more together as Americans. This movie made me smile and chuckle for all the right reasons.
age 17+


I have never given a review here before, but am VERY concerned about the review on on this particular movie. I count on your site religiously to decide on whether to allow our family (children are ages 12 and 14) to watch certain movies. This movie claimed to contain one use of the f-word and had mo mention of gd, although both were used at least twice and the entire movie was completely FULL of constant swearing and cussing. It was so offensive I was very dissapointed. The movie would have been good had it not been for this. I really wish Hollywood realized that this stuff does NOT sell movies to families! It offends and it is just not acceptable. Period. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Too much swearing
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