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Directors are obviously creeps

For a moment, let's not talk about how literally everything is wrong and horrible with this film and discuss how big of creeps the adults involved with this film are. I don't know how old the actors are, but they are supposed to be playing young school kids. One character, the annoying one with the giant teeth, looks like he's literally a child. There are sexually suggestive scenes with that child directly involved. For some unknown reason, these creeps thought it was a good idea to do a montage that involves two of the characters making out and undressing in a pre-sex type scene that went on for WAY too long. It made me so uncomfortable that I had to fast forward the movie. Someone needs to interview these actors and look into every adult involved in writing, approving, and filming this stuff. You can't tell me they're not pedophiles. No normal, not sick in the head person would write and film such scenes involving actual kids or perceived kids. I was so excited that this was filmed at Field of Screams as I've been there many times, and that the production team was local. That excitement quickly faded once I realized the production team was a bunch of creeps. 🤢

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Too much sex
age 14+

Had so much potential.

Most of the kid actors are new and ok... the girl was trying too hard to be cool/scary/crazy/angry or whatever she was attempting... it was hard to watch her try to act. The writer missed his attempts at writing for YA... if the boys weren't decent actors the whole thing would have fallen apart . It reminded me of a scary attempt at recreating the Goonie... missed the mark. My kids just didn't care about this one.

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Too much swearing
age 14+

Don't waste your time

If you love horror , suspense or talent this is not your movie. The monster looked pretty for low budget good but the plot and acting was horrible. We were bored and ready to move on to something else. This was a complete waste of time.