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it is fun and expireing

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Great role models
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this movie isn’t giving at all. i was already 😒 when i seen a review nd it said something abt doxing i legit just started it nd i had to turn it off after he got caught looking at student files nd threaten the teacher. the little boy is annoying asl wanna drop kick him nd so far the movie isn’t realistic at all. i srsly wanna street fight all the characters. also is it me or is it kinda low budget
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age 2+

kinda educational but other than that this movie is not a banger, it's a clanger

what the yumpherdinker is this?

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Educational value
age 11+

the wannabe sam puckett ruined most of the movie

boring, slow, cringy, not scary, and the main issue is the acting. i feel like the writers had a decent plot, then found random teens to act. THE GIRL acting was my ALL 13 of my reasons. like maybe being a teacher or hairdresser is more fit? you tried to be sam puckett, you tried to be jade west, but you turned out to be a new way for me to get a headache. aside from that, the movie is just kinda slow, especially when you have to pause so much cause u cant stop cringing. i'm only an hour in and nothing crazy/scary happened. i don't think i can finish this movie.