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My 14-year-old son and I watched this TV series together and we loved it! We were so disappointed they did not continue with a Season 3.
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age 8+

A starting point for teaching Greek Mythology to your kids

We incorporated Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse Mythologies into our kids learning from a young age. I used this as a launching point for teaching my kids Greek Mythology when they were about 8. The writers do take liberties with the stories and characters, changing things to meet the needs of their storyline for the episodes. After episodes we would talk about the characters, who they were in Greek Mythology, and read some of the original Greek Myths together. The battles are not overly violent in my opinion either. As for the monsters and such, as long as your kids understand the difference between mythology and reality it is fine.

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Educational value
Great messages
age 18+

No supposed good qualities negate the ugly violence

Read what reviewer rakshq wrote. Spot on. Why does anyone think it is healthy, positive, or fun to show nightmare-inducing dreams of people being tortured? Hideous scenes of torture and murder in some semblance of a heroic plot doesn’t salvage the movie. One has to wonder what script writers and producers really have in mind promoting this to children. A huge spinkle of poison on your healthy family dinner? Not the way I parent, and for anyone else who wants to show their children good role models in genuinely positive movies...skip this one.

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Too much violence
age 5+

atlantis the lost empire is very good

I was surprised by the fantasy of this disney film, a good film for the kids same if there is a bit blood or violence.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much consumerism