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MR SQUIDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this programme as caused my 2 and half year old a bit of distress this morning and I think it's highly inappropriate, In one scene it has depicted a bunny rabbit dancing with its hollowed out skin she'll, muscles and then its bones this was very scary looking not to mention disgusting.

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Too much violence
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Great messages
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Too much violence
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Why wasn't this made sooner???

I grew up reading some of the books during my childhood. While I will say that the books were sort of forgettable aside from the title characters name and Chester and Harold and the veggie sucking vampire part, the cartoon is better in alot of ways because it's fun enough to sell the forgettable book series and despite being "spooky" in nature myself and my 1 and 1/2 year old find it more cutesy than anything else. I only put a 4 year old and up because there are some "what the heck?" parts like the kid who turned into a brussel sprout because he wouldn't eat his veggies and Bunnicula and the other animals had to help him get someone to like brussel sprouts so he could break the curse. It's a very strange show but the animals are cute and rarely are the villains threatening and when they are it's not for very long. I do believe that the guy who made The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (or was it Courage the Cowardly Dog?) Maxwell Atoms made this but the show is far tamer and way more cutesy. It's the only show that is creepy and adorable at the same time! And one that isn't meant to take seriously. It doesn't really have anything positive to offer other than the animals being friends. And the only bad thing is that it's mindless but it's not nearly as bad as other shows like Teen Titans Go or Gumball.
age 7+

A positive message and a fun show

Though the supernatural is the delivery method, when you watch more then a few episodes one sees that the show is not so much about the supernatural, but more acceptance of and valuing differences, not prejudging, valuing love and it's power to transform, the supernatural is just the delivery method, also it's a lot of fun to watch.

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Great messages