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Dear Child

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Please read this review: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… common sense has no common sence

I have not seen this show, but what the hell is wrong with common sense media?! I read their review on this show, and they still somehow give it a 16+… WHY?!?!? That deserves an 18+ based on the description. I also I think it’s funny that they give a TV show with no positive messages or role models a 16+, but a game with barely any gore (RDR2) gets an 18+ and it’s filled with positive role model characters. (Arthur Morgan) I’m 14, and I wasn’t able to get the game because of the horrible reviews that CSM. I think I’m gonna start calling this site, “Has No Common Sense when it comes to Media” because that’s damn well what’s happening. The only reason I still even use this site is because of what the actual parent reviews say… AND EVEN THE REVIEWS MADE BY KIDS HAVE MORE COMMON SENSE THAN “HAS NO COMMON SENSE MEDIA!!” Y’all, I’m telling you guys to not trust CSM reviews. Please tell me I’m not the only one fed up with this bullshit
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Great Series!

Very good, yet sad series. Dear Child follows the abduction of 12 year old Lena and the events that soon happen after. There is lots of gore and it plays a lot on psychological horror. I felt bad for Lena and Hannah during the series but after I was finished it took a few minutes and I felt a deep pain in my chest and as if someone was watching my every move. I would say maybe 14+? If you or your child is mature enough to handle these dark themes. I’ve been watching/reading horror/thriller/true crime/all the disturbing stuff for years.

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Too much violence
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