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It's just okay

Expert review does NOT deserve a 5 star rating. This is because this show is definitely nowhere near as good as the original 1997 TV show!
age 12+

Why did they think this reboot was a good idea!?

Seriously, How could common sense expert review give this 5 stars? This reboot was a bad idea. It is bad compared to the original show and books. Expert review does NOT Deserve a 5 star rating!.
age 8+

This is a nightmare!

This show currently has an IMDb rating of 4.9/10 and if you compare it to the original, it has 6.5/10. However, both of these shows have received a 5 star expert review. Franklin and Friends does NOT deserve a 5 star rating!
age 5+

BAD Reboot.

Nelvana, now you take the original show off-Air and replace it with this awful reboot! This is one of the worst cartoon reboots I have seen in my life.
age 4+

Good for older preschoolers, but a boring reboot

Many years ago, a company called Nelvana made a show called Franklin. That show was very successful, but a few years ago, they made an awfully animated reboot of that show called Franklin and Friends. This is NOT a second adaptation of the books, This IS a REBOOT of the 1997 TV Series. The CG animation is just dreadful, that they got new voice acting even though they keep the same voices sometimes, but they decided not to keep them. Overall, This is why CGI shows suck these days. Even in the year this show was made. But, whatever you do, avoid this show at all costs. Expert review does NOT deserve a 5/5 rating.
age 4+

still good but love the old version!

Its a great show for kids to learn socialization skills and life lessons

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