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age 8+

Oliver Stone meets Indiana Jones?

The best parts of the show are the beautiful location shots, and Kinga Phillips's ability to keep a straight face while listening to her co-host spin his unlikely yarns. Harmless entertainment as long as you understand how far this is from real archaeology. If a kid is interested in this kind of thing, however, Legend Quest might provide an opportunity to analyze the numerous flaws in reasoning, wild assumptions, and unproven assertions; maybe read up on the topic afterward through more legitimate sources, to see what was being left out.
age 8+

So bad it's great.

It's like a 60 minute show riddled with 5 minutes of questionable history, and 55 minutes of horrible dialog/commentary. It's hard to describe, but the show's two stars could easily be dropped into a late night infomercial, trying to sell the latest snake-oil. The logical leaps are almost too painful to watch, but too funny to turn off.
age 18+

Show is a Waste'

This show is worthless. The guy never finds anything he is looking for. Every show ends with him in a small crawlspace saying he thinks he is as close to the goal as anyone has ever been. This is a joke. Do yourself a favor and do not waste your time. It is 60 minutes you will never get back of your life.
age 10+

Legend Quest

Legend Quest is great for kids. They seem to love the adventure and danger aspects but most of all - the stories are simple and interesting. The show encourages children to ask questions and could be a great tool to get your kids into history. The host is a Scot called Ashley Cowie. He has a wonderfully clear Scottish voice and passion unbound. My only criticism is the pace at which the show unfolds - its super quick. I suppose in the days of computers, smartphones and the internet, the speed of delivering information has speeded up, but Legend Quest would have been even better if they gave an hour to each artifact.