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age 13+

Ruby weighs in for all body types!

This show is both informative and inspirational! Not only does it address health issues of being overweight, but it realistically shows Ruby in the struggle, no glitz, no glamor, just an every day person. It also chronicles the well known fact that most eating disorders stem from an emotional/mental space, and addresses that as well. This how does not lead to false impressions of some shows, that once you lose, the battle will be so easy. Ruby conquers things that most of us dream of, such as that Harbour Bridge climb in Australia, that even her TRAINER had issues with. This is a GREAT show for all. Due to some subject matter, that is brought out in her therapy, I would not suggest it for really small children. If you are looking for motivation or just hope to persevere, this story of Ruby provides! 719 pounds, now down to 360 or so, with NO surgery! Who would not be amazed and inspired?

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