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Mother is a wimp

Are you kidding me. I am watching this and the mother has to do a book signing and she is too stressed so she has to stay at a hotel. Are you serious. It it that stressful to read to little kids. If she is actual so much about God then she should know to give the fear to God. "Trust God" Have you heard of that. The girls also seem to be super spoiled. Run gives them money to buy furniture and they have no concept of money. Buy your stuff on Craigslist, come on.
age 16+

Waste of time!

This family is annoying! The mom has the whole "dumb" act down and I can't tell if it's real or not.The kids are spoiled and just running wild. I really dislike how Run is all about positive messages yet the show itself isn't anything positive.

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Too much swearing
age 13+
I loves all music, and as a musician, recognize the foundation that groups like Run-DMC constructed in the evolution of rap and even R&B music. I also think that as parents on the show, they have done a good job with their kids. Very nice, respectful, and well meaning kids. Having said that, I would find it perplexing and intellectually dishonest to voice my support for the premise of this illed conceived show, on many grounds. I would be curious to hear what facts, life experiences, or entertaining criteria used by those commenting support for the show. As a black American, it would sad and disturbing if their support of the show has been simply because it is a "black family" show. I would think us to be a bit more sophisticated then that. On that note, I found some supporting comments that lacked substance or, relevance to dignifying the shows’ premise. Some of these comments include: COMMENT 1: “thx run dmc for making rap alive” My question: I agree with his impact on rap music, but this one thing does little to uplift the show’s premise. COMMENT 2: “I was so pleased with the overall message. My eleven year and eighteen year old daughters love it as well as my husband.” My question: What overall message in the show elevates to a point inspiring an 11 year old child? Let’s see: there is no message of education, schooling, and academics (either visually, conversation-wise, showing the kids going to school or, talking about school) COMMENT 3: “The Simmons' are the modern day Cosby's!” My question: Say what!!!! You have got to be kidding, or on another planet! Please list at least 2 ways in which both families mirror each other. COMMENT 4: “I think the topics you talk about are touching every one.!” My question: I’m curious to know what topics on the show you refer to that could possibly be affecting or relevant to the average black family in the ghetto (where Simmons came from). Is it how the father is always talking about what to buy next with their money, rather then, how is school going? Or, aside from rapping, what could possibly be motivating the boys, especially, in terms of academics, etc. Oh! I’m sorry, did I mentioned school, books,…Oops! Do I have the wrong show? Or, is it about the community service that Simmons offers, by going back to his old hood and supporting it in some way….something that would probably inspire his kids to look beyond themselves at times. Oops! Do I have the wrong show again? I’m hoping that those of you, especially black folks like me, will give themselves some time to really think about whether this show is really about who we are, rather then it being nothing more then a "show"..
age 11+
Bad show premise/ plot - driven by a short-sited vision of the father. Sadly to say, for being in a "reality" show, the parents seemed to be clueless about "reality" messaging, such as; - the ill message they send out to viewers of their kids not being in school, or being academically inclined, or at least showing some interest in academics; while the father indulges in a hypocritical role as a "reverend" or spiritual wisdom-driven dad. If there's supposed to be any humor in the show, this point makes it bad-humor at best. The point being, that, despite their $ success, the parents seem to give no value to showing that life for their kids goes beyond the typical materialism that $ buys. That is a sad statement, and not something a "real" man of God would advocate. In this case, "Father doesn’t know Best". Especially with the sad reality of statistics in the black community on school drop-outs, academic failures, and academically mal-nourished kids, these parents have a great opportunity to inspire other black families to aim higher in life, instead they choose to sell weakness, indulgence in material things, empty-headed conversations, and wisdom-lacking blackberry writing that leaves a lot to be desired. The daughters seem to have a more rounded view of life (good times/ hard work/ smarts), then the father himself. They showcase a more positive role model to the life of young black American women that inspires productive conversation. They should have their own show. This is a reality-show based around fake values. In contrast, the Snoop-doggy-dog show makes high grades in showcasing real life in a successful black family, which gives viewers a “real” look at life in their home. Bottom-line, this is a sad look at the reality of a father that would do better with a teleprompter and scripted conversations……that would at least offer white viewers some entertainment, because as it, it offers very little to the black
age 10+

Run's House

I have nothing agaisnt rappers but I think these shows of life in a celeberty's eyes in just a waste of time. Theres no point in this show, unless you like to see others bask in their wealth.
age 9+

Some bleeped words

Some bleeped words.I bet it's not even bad.
not rated for age
not rated for age

a little weird but a decent alternative to MTV's other reality shows

This definitely has its weird elements. I watched it with my daughter and she liked the nice lifestyle but found the whole concept a little corny.
not rated for age
not rated for age