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The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

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age 15+

Great show but jumps around a lot

The show is great but it jumps around a lot from the time he kills Versace to before he even started killing. Doesn’t go in order. Good acting but I got annoyed several times by the main character, Andrew Cunanan. He would act like he cared about everyone else but in reality he only did “generous things” to boost his self esteem and make himself look better in other people’s eyes. He lies a lot to make himself look better. Most characters had flaws but all good acting and a good story to it, besides it being in a jumbled order. Wouldn’t recommend for younger kids just due to the violence and a couple nude scenes here and there.
age 13+

Interesting but Slow

This series takes a lot of creative license and at times can be super slow. Honestly, unless you like watching a serial killer commit heinous acts from killing a person with a screwdriver to emotionally manipulating someone over the course of 9 excruciatingly long hour episodes, then this show is not for you. It starts from Versace's murder then makes it way back to the beginning . Actually, now that I think about it, this series is disturbing and won't hold your interest. The only positive is the cinematography is pretty good.

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Too much violence