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Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

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age 13+

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age 11+

Hilarious movie must watch

Super funny parody of a guy who does parody’s .This was a very funny movie about weird Al yankovitch there was super funny scenes

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 14+

Tremendously ludicrous but strong cast saves the day

This movie may be funny in some scenes but overall - - it’s very goofy and silly. Some scenes are so stupidly added to the film which end up being from frightening to ludicrous. The story doesn’t go deep enough; and the violence is way over the top. So expect lots of brutal killings with guns and knives, which involve blood and wounds. The story mixes up comedy, drama, music, and horror which is too much - - I mean, can’t just someone have a simple, beautiful music comedy? Do we need to add action, and horror? I mean, come on people, let’s be a bit reasonable. Al Yiankovic also has sex with his girlfriend (on the first day he met her) and has a huge, sexy, hard relationship with her. They make out on the first day they meet, which is a bad influence for teens. They don’t even know each other, and just make out. Just like that. Expect hard alcohol and getting drunk. Al Yiankovic is in a brutal car crash because of alcohol. However, the movie does have a strong cast and is beautifully acted. Fans won’t be disappointed, but the movie is not the best yet made.