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Best websites: Our recommendations for families
Looking for great websites for kids? Our editors have made it easy with these hand-picked lists of fun, age-appropriate kids' sites and online games. It's a big world on the web, but with lists like ours, it can be a worthwhile one for your kids.
Common Sense Media's ON for Learning Award is given to the very best in kids' apps, games, and websites.
Great tools to help kids learn the craft of creating with technology.
Fan the flames of your kids’ passions with these great sites.
Arm yourself with online resources for tough assignments.
Point curious kids toward honest, factual information on personal health.
Encourage budding environmentalists with great ideas.
Visit mysterious or fantastical worlds via these great sites.
Some of our favorite picks for Web-loving girls.
You don't have to pay a thing for these fun, free games.
Discover the next viral hit on one of these sites.
See what's out there besides Facebook and Twitter.
Let your kid's inner artist free with these great sites.
Almost as much fun as playing dress-up at home.
"Tune" in to our list of great sites for music lovers.
Encourage social responsibility, global awareness, and more.
Get the latest news, player info, stats, and much more.
Can kids learn and have fun at the same time? You bet!
TV isn't just for the tube anymore.
Not sure which online worlds are safe? Start here.
Great educational goodies that won't break the bank.