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App for Barbie

They should make an app for kids where the kids can scan the barcode on the Barbie doll packaging and make it to where the Barbie doll can be used in the app and so on .

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Easy to play/use
age 11+


They can easily get the doll naked and have no bra on.

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Too much sex
age 15+

jacob on

I think I like that website
age 10+

Barbie... don’t buy it

Don’t buy Barbie! Just don’t... It is extremely bad, both for the environment and for your kid’s body images. Even it’s tv series is a bad influence. It can teach your kids many bad lessons and be a terrible role model. Your kids might pick up messages such as racism, gender inequality and they might start trying to be like Barbie. Don’t get it if you want your kids to be good people. There are much better alternatives for kids of all ages rather than Barbie, such as teddy bears or soft toys, for example

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Too much consumerism
age 5+

Great, as long as your name doesn't have the wrong letters!

The site won't let my 6 year old type her name- KRISSY! It keeps saying it's a inapporpriate and bad word!

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Great messages
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
age 18+

Fashion Dolls+Mattel=BAD MIX

Take a fashion doll and add Mattel and there you have it. A terrible doll for your kid. Don't go near Barbie, Growing Up Glam, Growing Up Skipper, Bratz, Monster Highs, or Moxie Girls, if you want your child to live with positive messages. If you're looking for a doll not made of cheap plastic, that has quality, and has postive messages look for American Girl. Sure American Girl Dolls are $110 but you'll thank them when your daughter is loving history and learning from the dolls' stories.

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Too much sex
age 4+

Good for kids as long as your name doesn't have the wrong letters!!

The site won't let my daughter type her name in, Michelle!!! It says it is a naughty word!! The president's wife's name is a dirty word because is has hell as a word pattern. This is crazy!!
not rated for age

Fluff for girls

This website has a lot of potential but in the end it is just very, very Barbie. With no educational value (unless you count choosing a dance routine and music for an ice skating doll or playing with make-up and clothes) time spent on is time thoroughly wasted.