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Don't use it for math

I like math, but this website makes me hate doing it; it makes me solve ridiculous problems, and , most of the time, doesn't tell me why I get them wrong. It seems like this website is run by an AI that just wants to torture its students. Teachers, parents, etc. should read the reviews by the kids and students because we're the ones who actually use the website.
age 5+
it doesnt work through examples as much as id want them to i always have to search other videos on youtube to figure out what im even supposed to be learning
age 14+


I just saw 10 other reviewers talking about how stressful this website is and..their not wrong. This website made me wanna cry, scream, and hit myself. (Which I ended up doing a lot) Is that what you want for a website? To cause children to do self harm to themselves because of a website that makes them feel like their not smart? I don't think you do. I'm not actually a teen I'm in 6th grade but I just had to tell you this.
age 18+

A lot of potential, but not there yet.

As a middle schooler, this website is awful. It gives you the same questions over and over again. There are many errors, with inconsistent ways to type in the answer. Sometimes it counts the correct answer wrong. The teacher doesn't know about this, so all these errors affect my grade poorly. Simple things like misspellings show you that this isn't an accurate website. With more people and time, this could be a great way to learn.
age 13+

Make me rage just like IXL

This is makes me rage like IXL does. Hot hot garbage, get rid of ck-12 only for people who are pros at not raging
age 12+

It's missing vital content in questions.

In the actual questions its missing vital variables which forces you to go to other websites to find answers, and at that point why is it being used in the first place.
age 13+


Quite frankly the "lessons" don't teach you very much, the "hints" just tell you to go back to the lesson, and the "tests" are the same type of question that they didn't tell you how to solve in the lessons. However, I already know all the material, so I just don't bother with the lessons. But the grading system is very finicky with the answers you give it, and for some reason you can get 100%+ on the quizzes because the question points stack and don't average. Also I made an account only for this, and I have to say that the options here in the review page are interesting. Like "too much swearing", and "too much consumerism". Anyways, it's an alright site with potential, it just needs to be fixed, a lot. Side note: In the official review it says there is no sex present, it is an education site, there is a whole section on the reproductive system, it's educational though for any parents wondering. Edit: And a section on STD's.
age 18+


Im a young teen and reading ck-121 lessons is, well, EXHAUSTING. They give you way to much info that makes my brain feel like mush, and then they have weird questions that i don't remember haveing been mentioned in the lesson. Kids cant learn like this, they feel a lot of pressure and its harder to concentrate. CK-12 should only be an adult website because kids cant take this much nonsense. When i get on CK-12 i scroll all the way down and feel like rolling back in bed. Would it hurt to make it more fun or interesting!? I really hope CK-12 doesnt keep up its ways.
age 14+

its pretty bad

i use ck-12 for my algebra class and I have definitely grown a hatred for the website. ck-12 has some wrong answers marked as the correct one sometimes and sometimes don't even have the correct answer as an option. the hints are also garbage most of the time and dont actually help with anything and the time estimates are extremely off a lot of the time and say the practices will take half the time than they actually do. khan academy is much better plz save urself the time and use it instead :). (yes, I made this acc just to review ck-12 - that tells u how bad it is)
age 18+

does not function correctly.

right answers do not work at points because of dumb reasons like capitals and spelling. the passage has exact quotes on the questions that are still incorrect. it gives you the same questions over and over in a row and the questions are badly worded in vague and confusing ways.