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Good fun but some cross the line

I love geocaching! Most of the time, it's just a fun way to go outdoors to places you've never visited. Most of the time, when you hide one, the aim is to send you to a place that you wouldn't have been without geocaching. Whether it's a small park, a beautiful view, or a neighborhood trail. Sometimes these things just cross the line though. For example, one series required you to climb a tree, but then you have to climb INSIDE of the tree, using holes that are just big enough to fit a person inside, and then climb all the way back to the ground, using a flashlight. I could have gotten stuck easily. Another pet peeve of mine are ones that disrupt areas, especially if they're just in random places. On example of this, was one where it was just in a mall parking lot, but it was under a lampskirt. That caused a lot of strange looks. But some, are honestly great. They take you places near you that you've never been, and that's what most of them are.