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Such an important tool if you have an LGBTQ child

The it gets better project provided LGBTQ youth with many helpful tools, especially if they're facing bullying purely on the basis of their sexuality. Parents, please listen and be supportive of your children, it's your job, and they need you to be there for them. The suicide rate for LGBTQ youth is SHAMEfully high and it's sad and alarming. We must stop this, change others minds with love and kindness, and teach our young straight kids that being different is okay and we should embrace LGBT people, not bully or discriminate. And it gets better sends that message LOUD and CLEAR.

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Sticking up!

I think that whichever kid is getting bullied everyday and when there is involving violence, sex, pressure, and all that stuff they have gone too far. They have been making us look like we are not pretty, nice, and a good person. Well it's not all about that! We have the power to stick up to them. We are strong and can stop this if we use all our power to stop this. If that doesn't work. Say to them I am sick and tired of you bulling me I don't need you to tell me who you think I am! I have been bullied. They would always bang my head on one of the lockers and I punched back. But we don't need to do that! We just need to stick up for ourselves.

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Too much violence
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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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bullying is wrong tell your kids!!!!