Digital First Content Editor (contract)

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Reporting to the Sr. Editor, Television, the Digital First Content Editor will develop and lead a high-profile product, directly recruiting and overseeing a team of evaluators responsible for identifying developmentally appropriate Digital First videos for kids, e.g. content found on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The editor will also be responsible for understanding our developmentally based rubric for content evaluation/selection and will establish a deep understanding of the YouTube algorithm and Google Analytics and stay on top of trends for kids ages 2-6.

Location: San Francisco, CA. 

This is a contract position. 


  • Oversee content creator, channel, and video selection and evaluation process             
  • Manage freelance reviewers, track review inventory, determine review ratings, edit reviews/related content, and meet ambitious deadlines
  • Work with Sr. Editor and other editorial staff  to evaluate breadth of coverage
  • Use proprietary content management system
  • Serve as the main organizational expert in YouTube algorithm and trends  
  • Stay on top of all streaming/technology trends, research, and developments
  • Incorporate new research/findings/updates into the editorial process and coordinate with Executive Editor to ensure that accurate, timely information is shared with reviewers
  • Create the strategy for relevant content ratings in coordination with Sr. Editor and Executive Editor
  • Work with product development team to maintain and enhance content management system
  • Liaise with Editorial and Business Development teams to communicate review needs and updates


  • Extensive background in tech field,  journalism, child development, and/or a related field
  • Demonstrated immersion in not just the YouTube platform but also in the broader technology and programs that kids are adopting
  • Minimum 5 years' experience in an editorial or technical capacity, preferably for a child/parent audience
  • Extensive writing and editing experience
  • Demonstrated experience and leadership in managing a detail-oriented evaluation process to advance an organization's mission and goals
  • Demonstrated skill and comfort in proactively building relationships with top-tier writers/reviewers
  • Deep knowledge of YouTube and its related pop-culture trends related to early childhood content (kids' ages 2-6)
  • Excellent judgment and creative problem-solving skills
  • Ability to make decisions in a fast-paced environment and delegate workflow
  • Experience  with Google Analytics as a tool to source assignments
  • Online editorial experience (required)
  • Previous experience in online/content curation


  • You are energetic, enthusiastic, disciplined, hard-working, and a total team player.
  • You are organized and able to work on multiple projects with overlapping deadlines.
  • You are an enthusiastic learner, willing to take on new tasks.
  • You are deeply inspired by the Common Sense Media mission.


  • The chance to work with talented, passionate professionals
  • An organization that offers work/life balance


Common Sense Media values the diversity of its employees and is an equal opportunity employer.