Curriculum Terms of Use


Terms of Use for Printed Curriculum Documents

Common Sense Media is pleased to make our copyrighted printed (PDFs and website copy) curricular materials available under the Creative Commons license “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” (CC BY-NC-SA). This page explains, in plain English, how you may use our materials within the terms of this license.

The CC BY-NC-SA license allows individual educators and schools to freely access the curriculum, modify the print materials to meet your own needs, and distribute the resources in your own community provided you adhere to these three requirements:

1. Provide attribution

When distributing the curriculum materials or using any portion of them, you must make it clear that the content was created by Common Sense Media and, when possible, provide a link back to Examples of how to provide attribution:

  • I am a teacher and I am going to use a lesson plan from the curriculum in my classroom. I plan to post some of the lesson plan instructions and handouts to my blog, where students know to go for assignments. I’m making some modifications, but I’m copying and pasting some of the copy from the lesson plan. I will put a note somewhere on the page that indicates this lesson comes from Common Sense Media, and I will provide a link back to
  • I am a technology coordinator at a school and I want to download the PDF lesson plans and handouts and make them available to the teachers at my school on our password-protected curriculum server. I may post the PDFs and let teachers know that they can find more at Common Sense.
  • I am a parent coordinator and I’m printing a collection of handouts to distribute to parents. I will leave the Common Sense Media logo and URL on the materials so parents can find more resources at Common Sense.

2. Use for non-commercial purposes only

Our materials are made freely available to individual educators, schools, and districts for non-commercial use in their sites.Non-commercial use means that you may not sell, profit from, or commercialize Common Sense materials or works derived from them. Additionally, non-school entities that charge for their services must contact Common Sense Media for explicit written permission to use our materials if the education facilitated by Common Sense resources will comprise the majority of your content or services. Examples to help illustrate this term:

  • I am affiliated with a commercial entity that wants to make Common Sense Media resources available to my customers. I understand that I must contact Common Sense Media for explicit written permission before making any materials available on my website or elsewhere. I may, however, refer my customers to Common Sense Media to access the resources from
  • I work for an after-school program that charges for our services. I have permission to use Common Sense Media resources for educators in my after-school setting because providing this service is a relatively small portion of our total services. I may not charge an additional fee for classes or workshops based on Common Sense materials for either students or parents.
  • I am a professional parenting coach that works with parents individually and in large group workshops. I understand that I may share some Common Sense resources during my private sessions, but if I want to base a workshop or other for-fee service around Common Sense advice and materials, I must contact Common Sense for explicit written permission to do so. I also understand that I may not charge parents to access any Common Sense Media materials, which includes making them available on a password-protected site.

3. Share any derivative works under these exact same terms

Share Alike means that if you create any derivative works based on Common Sense Media materials made available under the BY-NC-SA license, you may only share those works under a BY-NC-SA license. Examples of how to share-alike:

  • I am a curriculum developer and I have based a lesson on an existing Common Sense Media lesson. I have used portions of copy from Common Sense Media documents and have modified for my classroom or organization. In addition to understanding that I may not sell these new works, I also understand that I must make them available to others through a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license.

Terms of Use for Video Curriculum Assets

Our curriculum videos are made available under the Creative Commons license "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives" (CC BY-NC-ND). This license imposes terms similar to those for our printed materials and users must also provide attribution and use for non-commercial purposes as indicated above. The difference is that under this license users may not create any derviative works from our videos. Examples of how to use our videos:

  • I manage a closed-circuit tv station that only appears within my school. I want to show some of your videos on this station. I understand that I may do so, but only in their original, unedited and unmodified form.
  • I manage a public broadcasting station. I understand that to show any of Common Sense Media's videos on this station, I must contact [email protected] for explicit written permission.
  • I want my students to create a mash-up including some footage from your videos. I understand that under the BY-NC-ND license, I may not have them use any portion of Common Sense Media videos in that way.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about our Terms of Use for using and distributing our curriculum materials.