A Black girl sits next to her mom and dad on a couch, all smiling. She is pointing at a smartphone that they are looking at together.

Concerned about social media, AI, and screen time?

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Pro bono partners

Morrison & Foerster is a law firm based in San Francisco that's as interested in what you do as who you are. MoFo supports Common Sense as our legal counsel and has been a supporter since our inception, regularly providing invaluable strategic support.

The Movie Database (TMDb) provides Common Sense with movie and television images.

Paul Hastings LLP, a leading international law firm, has long admired and supported our mission. That admiration and support have translated into valuable pro bono legal representation for Common Sense, helping us achieve our goals in a variety of transactional and counseling matters.

Salesforce provides CRM software solutions and enterprise cloud computing and is the leader in CRM and platform as a service. Through a partnership with Salesforce and the Salesforce.com Foundation, Common Sense is able to track and organize our data with the best and most sophisticated systems in the world.

Venables Bell & Partners is an advertising agency in San Francisco that developed a campaign for Common Sense in 2015. The campaign focused on the new frontier of parenting in the digital age. We cast real parents talking unscripted about real problems they face, such as the false promise of filters, unintended access to inappropriate content, and the struggle to teach kids how to find a healthy balance with technology.