Education research partners


The GoodPlay Project

The GoodPlay Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero conducts research on how young people behave as they navigate online spaces. They have conducted in-depth interviews with field experts and young people ages 10-25 to understand more about how to be an ethical participant in online spaces.

GoodPlay Project Co- Principal-Investigators, Dr. Carrie and James and Professor Howard Gardner, and their research team, have collaborated closely with Common Sense Media on several initiatives since 2009. The first major initiative was a series of online dialogues between teens and adults in which participants posted responses to a variety of ethical dilemmas and prompts.

The GoodPlay Project and Common Sense Media are now working closely to develop a high school Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum, which will launch online in by July 2011. The curriculum covers issues from online privacy to building positive community online to copyright and creation.

In addition, our groups have co-presented at the Digital Media and Learning Conference in 2010 and 2011, will present together at the ISTE conference in 2011, and have collaborated on papers, articles, and announcements together.

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MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Network

The MacArthur Foundation launched a five-year, $50 million dollar Digital Media and Learning Initiative starting in 2006 under the leadership of Connie Yowell. As part of this initiative, Common Sense Media was been generously funded to produce a K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum that emphasized a whole-community approach to learning, among other things. Other MacArthur-funded researchers have been a tremendous resource in the creation of this curriculum.

In particular, our work has been informed by seminal research of The GoodPlay Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero and Mimi Ito. Researchers and field experts such as Professor Katie Salen of Parsons School of Design and the Quest to Learn School, Dr. danah boyd of Microsoft Research, Professor Nichole Pinkard of DePaul University and the Digital Youth Network, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl of the National Writing Project, and civic engagement researcher, Professor Joe Kahne of Mills College, have lent their valuable expertise.

This network has served as a hotbed of new ideas that will surely impact the way people view digital media and learning in the future.

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