Liz Perle, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Liz co-founded Common Sense Media with Jim Steyer in 2002. Her passion for media sanity, not censorship, and her belief that all parents will make great decisions for their kids if they have trustworthy information lie at the heart of her editorial leadership of Common Sense Media.

Prior to her online, on phone, on screen life, Liz was a 20-year publishing veteran where she held many executive positions. She was vice president and publisher of several of the nation's most prestigious publishing houses, including William Morrow/Avon Books, Addison-Wesley, and Prentice Hall Press (Simon & Schuster), as well as associate publisher of Bantam Books. In addition to her experience editing and marketing books, Liz is also an author, most recently of the bestselling Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions, and Cash, as well as the critically acclaimed When Work Doesn't Work Anymore: Women, Work, and Identity.

Liz appears regularly in print, on television, and on screen as an expert in anything relating to the impact of media and digital life on kids. On top of her professional experience, Liz has learned the most from her two teens who love their cell phones, the Internet, video games, music, and basically anything with a battery or that plugs in. She is a graduate of Yale University.