At what age is it OK for my teen to watch movies or TV shows with drug use, such as Breaking Bad?

The producers of Breaking Bad probably didn't realize how the show would take off with teens. It has very mature themes -- drugs, violence, sex -- which is why Common Sense rates it for teens over 17. But the core of the show is about moral ambiguity, the choice between right and wrong, and, to some extent, love. These are all themes teens are naturally curious about exploring.

Because of that, Breaking Bad presents a challenge for parents. It's a high-quality, critically acclaimed program that's attained cultural phenomenon status. On the other hand, it has tons of illegal activities that aren't always met with appropriate consequences.

This is probably a perfect example of how families must make individual choices based on their kids' maturity and their own family's values. If your teen is interested, try to watch together. Check our review for ideas on conversation starters.

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Teen, 13 years old written by RandomBoi2004

It depinds what drugs are in it I got a list here Alcohol: 5 Cigarittes: 4 Painkillers and other drugs: 7 Pot or Weed: 11-13 Bromodragonfly: 14 Cocaine: 15-16 Meth: 17 Heroin: 18+
Adult written by ghost s.

Well showing actual drug use is important, telling your kid they're going to die if they smoke cannabis is stupid. In breaking bad they show how damaging meth and heroin are, now they might show people hanging out and smoking pot, but Jessie is in his 20s and so are his friends so they are adults and cannabis has been shown to have no effect on the intelligence of people over the age of 21.