Should I worry about all the stuff online about "crazy ways to get drunk"?

Videos of kids getting drunk, smoking pot, or promoting outrageous behavior certainly make parents' job harder. The sheer volume of these videos, the fact that they're shareable, and their viral nature make them a challenge to manage.

The reality is: There are lots of videos of extreme and risky behavior online. You can try to limit your teens' access, but you won't be able to block everything -- and there are always friends with phones showing off the latest crazy video. Keep the lines of communication open with your kid and listen nonjudgmentally; open dialogue strengthens trust on both sides. Here are some ideas for those conversations.

  • Explain the risks and consequences of binge drinking.
  • Explain that what you see in videos isn't necessarily a representation of the truth.
  • Urge your kid not to open or share these types of videos.
  • Encourage kids to pursue other online interests that are constructive and healthy. 
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Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

no, unless your older kids like participating in dangerous trends. if you find out that your kid wants to try these things out, prevent them from doing it as soon as possible. as always establish strict rules. have at least one adult supervising at a party, follow city curfew laws, and be home on time to prevent it from happening.
Adult written by Just my opinion .

No. Unless your teen is a big time partier. Most times when kids get drunk its the exact way you did, by taking shots out of Solo cups or pulling straight from the bottle. Be a proactive parent, but not a worrier. Be proactive in teaching them their limits. Teach them that while its fun to drink sometimes, its also fun to actually remember what happened the night before. Don't make alcohol taboo. Be open and teach them the dangers of binge drinking. Be reasonable.