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Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

What can I do to prevent my kid from smoking?

Though parents' attitudes and habits play a big role in a kid's decision to smoke, watching characters light up on TV shows and movies may actually cause kids to pick up the habit. A 2012 surgeon general's report found that exposure to onscreen smoking is the single biggest influence on young people’s starting to smoke--even larger than parents. And the effects of onscreen smoking are larger among youth whose parents don't smoke. 

But what you say and do has a big influence on kids. Explaining the risks of smoking can combat the media's messages. When your kids watch shows that depict smoking, take the opportunity to share the dangers, especially to kids, including the fact that it impairs lung growth and function, causes asthma, and produces cravings that make you do it despite negative physical effects. Don't forget to mention that movies and TV shows rarely portray the true health consequences of smoking. 

Though you may not be able to avoid all media in which smoking occurs, you can always find out whether a movie or show features smoking by checking Common Sense Media's reviews. And if you come across a show that has smoking, watch any included anti-smoking public service announcements. Studies show that strong anti-smoking public service announcements viewed directly after exposure to onscreen smoking can mitigate some of the effects.

Get smoking-cessation tips from the American Lung Association

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Adult written by Butterfly Effect

first of smoking cigs is gross everything about it is gross if a kid is smoking cigs its cause they are not smoking weed of vapping. tell them how bad smoking is for the body but give them the fact dont lie about whatever you are trying to steer them away from if you do odds are they'll curios. As far as smoking weed goes as long as they are responsible and at least in high school i wouldn't care but if you dont want them doing that either just make sure they aren't stressed 24/7 school now a days suck. i smoked to take the stress off school and my home life and as a result my grads improve a lot.
Teen, 15 years old written by ElioElioElio

Have frequent and casual conversations with your child about smoking/vaping (or anything else of concern for that matter). This is super important if you want your child to feel comfortable asking questions and talking about things, or even admitting to doing something. Tell your child the dangerous effects of smoking. Make sure you understand WHY your child wishes to, or does smoke. Explain the differences between smoking/vaping nicotine and marijuana. Remember that your teen is changing into an adult, and this time is difficult for the both of you. It is absolutely natural for them to have questions or urges to experiment. If they know the facts and you have created certain consequences, it comes down to their choice.
Kid, 10 years old

Tell Them The Consequences of real life smoking, Such as cancer and early death. Tell them the gigantic consequences that will happen if they are caught smoking and Limit access to media with smoking in it.
Adult written by Taitored

This comment of yours is on the other side of the spectrum than other comments of yours have been. I’m not sure if I can trust your comments as sound advice anymore. It’s annoying and disappointing.
Teen, 14 years old written by The_Unknown_User

Sadly I have to deal with this all the time I grew up in a bad subdivision with a "Meth" dealer, 5 different People who were in 20's drinking 6 Samual Adam Beers per day, and more. Its wasent always like this but when I was about 7-8 years old I would wake up to numorus Cigars In the streets. We moved THANK GOD!! My father told me a story once. He told me he smoked in Jr. High. He smoked 3 packs of ciggarets and he got caught by my Popie ( What I call my grandfather) And my dad was forced to take all his Ciggarests, light them and let them burn out in the middle of the yard. Kids, Dont Smoke ANYTHING, If when you get older and decide to drink, BE RESPONSIBLE!!! Its ok to have beer, or Wine, WHEN YOUR OF AGE!!!! JUST DONT HAVE TO MUCH!!!!
Parent of a 9-year-old written by Atsu W.

Vaping without nicotine and pure cannabis is ok for children of a certain age. Cannabis can prevent your child from having seizures and other things later in life. Vaping is ok for teens and needs to be regulated with no niccotine
Kid, 6 years old

I love this site to help me find safe kid websites to play on and I give this site a 5-star rating because it helps caregivers and and also p-a-r-e-n-t-s choose what sites kids should go on and not so I wish this very wonderful blessings. Sincerly, Kid, 6 years old.
Kid, 0 years old

Tell your children how harmful smoking can be and the long-term conditions you can get from it.Also explain how much they cost.
written by Mouse6721

I think that it is very important that your kid is educated on the dangers of smoking. My dad smoked, but I always hated the smell and I would encourage him to stop.