Why do beer commercials pretty much always feature bikini-clad babes?

Beer companies have a long history of using women as sex objects in their advertising. From 1940 to the mid-'60s, the Rheingold Beer company ran the Miss Rheingold beauty pageant. The first St. Pauli Girl spokesmodel debuted in 1977. And there are about a million other examples.

Besides the obvious -- beer companies target men because they buy more beer, and bikini-clad women tend to attract men's attention -- there's a key advertising strategy behind the babes. It's called "emotional marketing." Beer isn't a necessity, so companies appeal to men's feelings, not their rational judgment, to hook them.

Of course, kids view these ads too, and they lack the context to understand them for what they are. Sexual objectification can lead to stereotypes of gender roles, negative body image, and a narrow definition of what women can do and be. Learn more about how the media affects kids' body images and how to help them view ads critically.

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Kid, 11 years old

This is an efficient marketing technique. The bigger the chest, the more sales there are.
Teen, 15 years old written by Common sense LST

It is just a way to attract consumers into buying their products. It’s a marketing strategy. Since men are the main gender who like beer, it will appeal to their feelings.
Teen, 13 years old written by Beth533

beer is primarily aimed at men and men (excluding gay men) are sexually attracted to women. its just a marketing tactic.