Best apps: Our recommendations for families

If it seems like the world of apps is overwhelming, that's because it is! But never fear -- our editors have combed through the thousands of apps out there to pick the best. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, there's an app for that.
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Awesome apps designed for the youngest users.
We waded through all the ABC apps for the best.
Out of this world astronomy apps.
Explora un nuevo mundo digital que explora, entretiene y enriquece a través de las maravillas de la cultura latina
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The only way to fit a piano in your pocket.
Hand-picked favorites kids and parents will love.
These terrific tools can make kids fluent in no time.
Bridging the gap between blue and pink, these apps offer fun and open-ended gender roles for everyone.
Great digital tools to keep kids and teens on track.
Kids can explore a variety of people and perspectives.
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Creative and convenient fun on the go.
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