Best apps: Our Recommendations for Families

If it seems like the world of apps is overwhelming, that's because it is! But never fear -- our editors have combed through the thousands of apps out there to pick the best. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, there's an app for that.
Toca Kitchen Monsters App Poster Image
Check out these great deals only on iOS. – Creative Challenges App Poster Image
Estas apps refuerzan los lazos familiares y proveen momentos de enseñanza – Creative Challenges App Poster Image
These apps can bring you together and provide some teachable moments.
Busy Shapes 2 App Poster Image
Like highly acclaimed movies and books, these apps are just too good to miss.
Sago Mini Friends App Poster Image
These top picks can quell conflict and build teamwork.
My Abuelita Book Poster Image
Explora un nuevo mundo digital que explora, entretiene y enriquece a través de las maravillas de la cultura latina
Khan Academy Website Poster Image
Apps, games, and sites for number crunchers and science whizzes.
Easy Spelling Aid + Translator & Dyslexia Support App Poster Image
Interactive references at your fingertips.
Eli Explorer App Poster Image
Exploring other languages in an app = bueno!
Crazy Gears App Poster Image
Our editors' app picks for young kids.
Fabulous - Cuentos y Cantos App Poster Image
Hand-picked favorites kids and parents will love.
Fabulous - Cuentos y Cantos App Poster Image
These terrific tools can get your kid from the fundamentals to fluency.
My PlayHome App Poster Image
Bridging the gap between blue and pink, these apps offer fun and open-ended gender roles for everyone.
ReadAskChat for Children 0-6 App Poster Image
Great educational apps for little kids worth the price.
Notability App Poster Image
Great digital tools to keep kids and teens on track.
Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine App Poster Image
Harness the power of technology to Zen out.
Sago Mini Hat Maker App Poster Image
Channel creative energy with these artistic apps.
My PlayHome App Poster Image
Kids can explore a variety of people and perspectives.
Nature Cat's Great Outdoors App Poster Image
Who says apps and outdoor adventures don't mix?
Make Way for Books App Poster Image
These gorgeous book apps offer more than words.