Best apps: Our Recommendations for Families

If it seems like the world of apps is overwhelming, that's because it is! But never fear -- our editors have combed through the thousands of apps out there to pick the best. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, there's an app for that.
Kids must collect clues and other data to get to progress with these great apps, games, and sites.
Encourage kids to consider different angles of a problem.
You might not be able to create or destroy energy, but with the help of these picks you can understand it!
These great picks won't weigh kids down with the boring stuff.
Bank on these favorites for serious money learning.
These engaging products help kids learn letters and words.
Shape up geometry knowledge with these show-stoppers.
Software must-haves for mechanical minds.
Count these winning numbers titles among your favorites.
Superb digital tools help kids sound out words.
Kids' ideas get a chance to shine with these great digital picks.
Cute counting fun for little learners.
These picks help create bonds between kids and chemistry.
Super cool learning tools for starry-eyed kids.
Accessible entry points to algebraic thinking.
All-star picks that add up to fun learning.
Common Sense Media's ON for Learning Award is given to the very best in kids' websites, games, and apps.
Enriching, exciting apps for Android phones or tablets.
Take learning on the go with these mind-activating mobile apps.
Fun foundations for functions learning.