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Parent reviews for Clash Royale

Common Sense says

Fantasy action-strategy game wants all your time and money.
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Parents say

age 13+
Based on 51 reviews

Kids say

age 9+
Based on 54 reviews
Adult Written byTt F. October 9, 2017
I think you all should make it where we can search for someone
Adult Written bySean M. February 12, 2017

A bug in the game

I had a bug that didn't let me leave my clan
Adult Written byBOBBOBINSON September 22, 2018

Crap of Clams

Ok you need to commit toaster bath.

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byWeomaster August 29, 2018

Awesome game!

U should play this so much strategy and fun and very addicting once in a while u lose a lot but don’t worry u always get a winning streak the other day :)
Adult Written byPoqry11 June 25, 2018

Sont do ir

Obviously biaswd against winners
Adult Written byB K December 26, 2017


If you don’t pay money for cards then you don’t get the really good cards.

This title contains:

Adult Written byMatthew G. December 13, 2017

the most iritating game I have ever played

They are using special algorithms that trick your child into buying gold so that the greedy devs get well payed it works on a combination type like "I pay I have better cards" and when you win several times they give you players that you don't have even chance to win, you loose throphies you trick your mind to buy gold...and it touches every young user, the game it self is boring the challenges are made like the devs want to (they don't want to prevent financial loss for giving to much goods) when you loose 3 times the tournament is over...
Adult Written byHugh K. November 18, 2017

Warning: addictive, with a heavy push for IAPs

Honestly, at first glance, the cartoonish fantasy violence, lack of sex, and lack of drugs makes this a very child-friendly game on paper. However, the chat is unmoderated (although everyone I've met is pretty helpful). Additionally, there's no way to remain competent at higher levels without in-app purchases. Finally, the gameplay feels mostly hollow but remains very addicting. In theory, child-friendly, but I wouldn't give this game to my kids.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byJuan W. September 28, 2017

Most imbalanced game ever.

Nice concept for a game. I've been playing it for about a year and a half now. The game was great at start, but about 7 months ago (roughly) there was an update to start putting in imbalanced units. This broke what seemed to be the most balanced game ever. Now all it is, is a game that promotes rage, cheating and overall a fest for pouring money out of people to get cards that will make them op due to its imbalanced nature.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 10, 11, 13, and 15 year old Written byKim W. January 29, 2019

Great family fun!

Some of these reviews... We have created our own clan for our family of 6, so no worries about anything inappropriate in our clan. We've spent very little money in this game because you don't have to spend anything if you don't want to. Yes, it can be curse word inducing, phone throwing frustrating, but it can also be lots of fun. I love connecting with my kids through this game when I'm not with them, it's a small way to tell them I'm thinking about them.
Adult Written bytpfpdy January 1, 2019

What an awful user group this game has...

While this game use to be quite an interesting game of wit and strategy, the user group is now full of trolls who's only goal is to frustrate and aggravate those that just want to play the game. Typical behaviour now is to join a 2v2 game and do nothing to ensure a loss or to leave the game which again ensures a loss. The owners of the game seem to believe this is acceptable behaviour and chose not to do anything to rectify this know issue.
Adult Written bylevip2 December 10, 2018

Not fair play

I don't understand how they think playing against players 2 levels higher than what you are fair play

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written bySafraider November 15, 2018

Игра супер.

Игра супер. Но новичку сложно очень сначала. Советую для взлома данный сайт (там вроде как обновляют всегда моды) + пишут советы. http://clashroyalemod.ru/
Adult Written byJimmydeep November 8, 2018

Este juego es un engaño

Este juego que te envuelve una vez lo juegas, no es mas que un robo y engaño por parte de sus creadores super cell. Este juego te hace sentir que eres el peor jugador solo para que compres sus gemas y subas de nivel para que asi compitas con los demas. No es mas que es un juego pay to win.

This title contains:

Adult Written byjohnhaddox November 3, 2018

Game is overrated at three stars

Game should be 16+ with new characters but make no mistake this game picks winners and losers and fastforwards and slows elixir to benifit who is chosen to win that battle. Don't waist your time or money because most battles are determined by cards given and the flow of particular cards in your deck. Then when you get a deck that works and you get timing down they adjust power that your cards do. It is all a big con to get you to spend $$$$$$ . Don't invest your time or money in this corruptly run game. Make no mistake they control the leaders and who is there.
Adult Written bygavinp3 September 19, 2018

Great game

I believe this game can teach children how to strategize, think fast, and think smart. This can be a excellent outlet for kids to make friends and have fun with each other through this game. I strongly recommend anyone to play it.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byFeck supercell ... September 19, 2018

It's rubbish as feck

The worst game ever played with!it's completely fool and you too if you play with...explain why:always cheat this fecking game!when you're in fight it through you out,as the other see you next Tuesday,probably payed for it.this game just doing people headache and the children as well.this game stimulate your and your kid brain,but not on the good way!the wooooorst game ever what the owner made for this world...already too much shit running in our life,and this as well...I would no recomerec this one as they are just after your fecking money,what probably you can spend on better things! example on your kids and not this fecking game and the idiot who made this shitty shit,he just laugh on it,when he see how climbing up he's money on hesh bank account!idiots!fecking your welcome and supercell?and your owner?I hooe you'll lost some where in this world,as you made something,what you shouldn't.now go and feck ur self.supershitcell.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byAkief September 17, 2018

Excellent, but addictive game

This is one of the best-designed cell phone games ever, and among the better recent games on any platform. Most of the negative content I've seen in these reviews is simply inaccurate. There is a pay-to-play aspect but if you're interested in the game and not just in winning, it's not a big deal. In any case you can compete without buying anything. That said, I would not encourage it for kids only because as an adult I find it extremely addictive. This is an issue with most games I'd say, especially modern cell phone games. But, as compared to other games kids might be playing, CR has the virtue at least of being a genuinely well-made game. I have no doubt that supercell wants to make money, but don't believe what they say without trying it yourself. This title was conceived with love.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byKC K. August 26, 2018

As good as any popular game

As a father and engineer concerned daily about the smart (dumb) phone addiction plaguing all of us. This game is a lesser evil given all popular games are created to max. $$$. If my child is playing any popular virtual game this is one of the better ones. Also it teaches my son to deal with losing/winning & how to spend his $$$ within limits we agree on.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written bySUB-ZERO August 23, 2018

Won’t let you play if you leave

Bullshit game. Your teammates slack and you lose. Nothing happens to them. When you back out cause they suck you get banned for 3 hours. Game use to be good. Now it’s complete garbage. Fuck your game!